SMAMHC is one of the 19 Adult Mental Health Initiatives in Minnesota and is an 18-county Joint Power entity. The counties in our region include: Big Stone, 齐佩瓦族, 杨木, 杰克逊, Kandiyohi, Lac qui Parle, 林肯, 里昂, 麦克劳德, 米克, 穆雷, 贵族, 派普斯通, 红木, Renville, 岩石, Swift and Yellow Medicine. SMAMHC is committed to the partnerships and collaboration built with the Counties and Providers in the Southwestern 18-county region. We work together to inspire, provide hope, empowerment, and overall wellness. The SMAMHC is dedicated to improving the mental health of our region through these strong partnerships and planning.

Programs and Services, we support in our region include:

  • Core Adult Mental Health Services: Assertive Community Treatment, Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services, Intensive Residential Treatment, Crisis Stabilization
  • 住房 Vouchers: Rental assistance to help maintain community 住房  and support to the West Bridge a Specialized Board and Lodge located in Marshall.
  • Flexible Funds:  Limited discretionary funds to meet individual needs of consumers (medication, 住房, vocational and general needs)

Our meetings are held the 2nd Friday of each month as follows:  We meet at the 里昂 县 Government Center in the Commissioners Room. Meetings start at 9:30am.










October 11 – This is our Annual Meeting held at the 红木 Area Community Center in 红木, MN




If you would like more information on SMAMHC meetings contact 金伯利 Holm at 金伯利